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FASHION: A Magazine, The Kills and a silk shirt.

 This post has been sitting in the back burner for a while wondering if I should even post it.  I opened the March maybe February issue of Vanity Fair and there was an advertisement with the "The Kills." (Big fan) Since I love to listen to music, and due to my background in film production, I play close attention to music videos and the story they visually and aesthetically portray.  But this is a magazine ad? With musicians advertising clothes? So I googled it and lo-and-behold Alison Nicole Mosshart, lead singer of The Kills pictured above, is a singer-songwriter AND an occasional model. Wow, right?!
Her music videos have now become fashion venues.  I’m sure you’ve noticed too fashion venues, across the board, have now become (and are) music videos.  Yes, I know in realizing this now,  I’m certifying myself as fashion ignorant.   Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject.   I’m learning though.  Now I know that this mutual influence has existed for decades.  Like I said, I saw the ad in my Vanity Fair BUT on the same day, I got an email promo for a fashion exhibit currently running at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC (through august).   This exhibit, according to the website , speaks to the effect of how the punk aesthetic has continued to appear in fashion since its inception in the 1970’s. My family and I went to the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibit in 2011 and it was remarkable!  My oldest daughter who is only 9 still speaks about it today.  I highly recommend watching this  "Punk: Chaos to Couture" MET video. Its as good as it gets to actually going to the exhibit.  
Ok, so why am I making such a big deal about this mutual influence and writing about this?
The thing is, this realization is celebratory to me.  Though the advertisement in Vanity Fair is for “Equipment” designer wear that offers $200 white t-shirts.
Yes.  $200.
This aspect of fashion design is one I can understand.  It’s not a superior, inaccessible, red-carpet, other-worldliness-perfection.  It is fashion design based on individuality, self-expression and personal style.
That I can relate to.  Just like music.  A bit of life experiences, personal culture, and personality goes into each song-writers lyrics and each musicians notes.  I can see the same thing in this form of fashion design.  Just like fashion designer Marc Jacobs says in this MET video, it’s a “substance” found in fashion.  Which is lacking in any other fashion arena, in my humble opinion. Its substance and relevancy that makes a good song. The same also goes for fashion.
Now, all this does not go without me noticing the fact that this ‘crisscrossing of influences’ is only brought upon by commercialism at its best. It’s the “Mainstream” free commerce once again, like in the music industry, gnawing at the bone of originality for that meaty financial gain.  But, I’m not scared.  I’m not shying way.  I’m also NOT going to buy a $200 white t-shirt just merely for self expression. That has to be a really good shirt that can last for an eternity for me to consider spending that much. 
Oh, wait.  It’s made of silk. Ok.  Then, maybe.
How has the fashion industry influenced you? Or not?


CURE FOR THE DAY: "Royals" by Lordes


"Royals" by Lorde

Can you believe that Lorde is only 16 years old?  She is from New Zealand and makes quite a presence. 
What this girl's future has in store can only be continued success?  Trendy, great voice, talented songwriting and an ear for catchy sounds.  Wow! I foresee a few magazine spreads and designer collaborations on top of her musical endeavor.
 If you want to know more about her you can see an interview here.  I certainly will be keeping an ear/eye out for her in the future.


GALLERY: Vista 03

Because everyone has a camera on their phone, we all have the ability to take a picture of any instant.  Freezing time.  This vista captures a moment in which I felt secure, happy and fulfilled.  It doesn't hurt the situation that I was at the beach either.


Gallery: Vista 02

I love being around water.  It immerses you in its ebb and flow.  Just a few moments silence offers me much needed mediation/quiet time.


Cure for the Day: Sin Fang - "Shine For Me"


Here is a new-to-me song that is a perfect addition to that hippy ensemble you may have decided to wear today. It's Icelandic pop glory.  Sweet, trip-inducing melodies. Echo-y lyrics.  Find out more about this band, Sin Fang at the KEXP blog.  Meanwhile, you guys keep shining (for me.)